I’ve chosen an “old” gress that I do really love from Luck Inc. Actually it was inspired by this look. I took this picture on October, 2011 o.O Man, I love that dress. I was so worried searching for this dress on my inventory! By mistake I deleted all my Lyck Inc. folder. For my relief, they have an redelivery terminal. Unfortunatelly I couldn´t restore all my dresses, but this one was there.

Besides the street style, I love also the Whore Fashion. Not everything pleases me, but you´ll also see a lot of mini dresses here and some asses and boobies around ;) In my country we call the girls who likes to show their bodies as “Periguetes”. I searched for some kind of translation for that in english but it is hard. We can say that’s something like Slut or Hoochie, but I am not 100% sure. Anyway, I hope you like it. Love, Vorah. <3

#00004 Close Up

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