After DECADES, a new post !!! OMG, I spent too many months without a single post. A lot of things happened between the last post and today. I stayed a whole month without computer, my power-source has burnt and I didn’t have time and patience to replace it. I was worried about myself and I charged myself regarding the posts. I always charged myself about anything and the blog was being really funny (as SL always has been for the last 5 years where I worked with everything in SL – from photography for magazines to own a store). The truth is I don’t have time for SL anymore. My priority right now is to work in RL, earn money to get married (buy a house) and get healthy (gym everyday). I arrive at home really late and SL doesn’t attract me anymore. Casually I will log in to make some pictures and compose a new look, but honestly, that will happen from time to time. I love my avatars and I won’t abandon them. I’m not leaving SL, but I can’t find excuses when the truth is, SL doesn’t interest me anymore =(

#00032 Full Body

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On last days I’ve been playing the new Tomb Raider, praying for my computer to not shut down, as it happened a month ago and as I’ve written about on previous posts. Man, I must say that this new Tomb Raider is the most perfect and beautiful game I’ve ever played. I love Lara Croft, I really have a crush on her. I’d like to be her in Real Life and I created my first avatar based on her. She is perfect, beautiful, strong and self-confident. All I can think now is about the game and I thought, why not dressing Voradora as my hero? So here it is.

I’ve already seen many stores in SL that sells Lara Croft´s costumes, but I discovered THE FUCKIN’ perfect store for Tomb Raider lovers. ADVENTURE GEAR is the store for those who want to dress like Lara Croft with realism and perfection in details. I found the survivor outfit from the current game but you can find the costumes from all the other games. It is rigged mesh and also it comes with the shoes (boots) and weapons. Hugs and I hope you like it. <3

#00025 - Full Body

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Actually I wasn’t worried about the look. When I saw on Debora Stine’s Facebook the pictures from the Brazilian Locomotives from the 80’s I got crazy. The trains were created by her in Mesh and are avaible for sale on SL Marketplace. You really must visit her store and know all her creations :). Back to the trains, they called my attention for the realism. They’re are too real, the textures are amazing. The working models of the Locomotives were created to be used in the standard system of trains of Second Life Railroad (SLRR). The trains are avaible for visiting on Primitiv sim, and you can take pictures between them. It’s a great place and thematic for photoshootings. I must say, it’s really fucking cool.

Enjoy !! Hugs, Voradora.

#00021 Close Up

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Exile released today 3 new hairstyles and all of them are lovely. The hair below Stay the Night, felt like a glove on Voradora. Se looks great in all the colors avaible but I’ve choosen the color from the demo version: Embel, from Natural Fusion. OMG I am in love by this hair. Also, I’m wearing one item avaible on this week Perfect WARdrobe. Check out the stuff. I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00009 Close Up

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