Woot, the 20th post !! I am really happy. I am enjoying a lot this thing of blog! It was something that I always wanted to do and I just couldn’t make before. Well, in this look, I’m wearing one of my (recent known) store, Chronokit. I bought this pants before the jacket from post #00017. I felt in love as soon as I saw. Well, I hope you like the complete post. Thank you for coming. Enjoy !! Hugs, Voradora.

#00020 Detail

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OMG I really like this look. Here you can find a very typical urban one. I felt in love by this jacket from Chronokit. Chronokit is a watch shop in Second Life that also sells amazing Mesh clothes. Each release is a surprise. You must check it out. I am wearing also a hair from Elikatira and in case you don’t know, Elikatira is on retirement sale till February 23. Elikapeka Tiramisu is changing the collections and will focus only on mesh. Everything will be discontinued (even the mesh hair) that is avaible now. So, the hair below won’t exist anymore :( Stay tuned for the news about the reopening of Elikatira. Also, from now on, I’ll preview some products of a new brand in Second Life: VOGA. Soon I’ll show a lot of amazing creations, but today, I can show you one of the poses that will be avaible soon. I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00017 Detail

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