I´ve searched some new place to shoot a new look and I´ve found this Sim made for photoshootings called Grace Island. There are many flower fields on it and there is one of sunflowers — and I love sunflowers. I hope you like it.


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Off for a While

A quick post to inform that temporary I’m unable to make pictures in SL, therefore, I’m unable to blog. I believe the power supply of my computer has burnt out. Actually I’m praying to be only the power supply instead of the whole computer (motherboard, processor and my new video board). I’m writing right now from my poor notebook. I’m angry and completely mad. God, why this now?

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

I am not very social, and surprisely, I’m starting a new blog. Maybe that’s because I’ve always wanted to have a fashion blog, but never had courage for it. Creating a blog and being more present is part of my resolutions for 2013. Today i’s the first day of the year. Beginning a blog sounds interesting and this may be fun. I’m Voradora, an alt (I don’t deny that) and I was born in Second Life to spy other lives. Since my first avie overated those small people, I stayed without funcion and then created my own life. Nowadays I exist to let her in peace. I can walk through SL and listen to some music in peace while she rests, and nobody calls her on IMs and anywhere. She used to be some kind of popstar. Maybe I am exagerating when I say that. But I ensure you that she did’t have peace in SL …

I enjoy house music and urban style. Let’s see what happens …

Happy New Year.