On last days I’ve been playing the new Tomb Raider, praying for my computer to not shut down, as it happened a month ago and as I’ve written about on previous posts. Man, I must say that this new Tomb Raider is the most perfect and beautiful game I’ve ever played. I love Lara Croft, I really have a crush on her. I’d like to be her in Real Life and I created my first avatar based on her. She is perfect, beautiful, strong and self-confident. All I can think now is about the game and I thought, why not dressing Voradora as my hero? So here it is.

I’ve already seen many stores in SL that sells Lara Croft´s costumes, but I discovered THE FUCKIN’ perfect store for Tomb Raider lovers. ADVENTURE GEAR is the store for those who want to dress like Lara Croft with realism and perfection in details. I found the survivor outfit from the current game but you can find the costumes from all the other games. It is rigged mesh and also it comes with the shoes (boots) and weapons. Hugs and I hope you like it. <3

#00025 - Full Body

#00025 - Close up

#00025 - Detail

#00025 - Full Body

#00025 - Full Body

Hair: Karena (Midnight) by Exile Hair (Free – Color Demos)
Eyes: Classic Gen 4 – Oriental Pear by Poetic Colors (Freebie)
Outfit + Shoes + Weapons: AG – Survivor Outfit by Adventure Gear
Poses: Fairy 2, Kneeled II 6, Miaa 5 by Diesel Works
Taken at: The Crane – Cape of Ruin – The Wastelands, Cape of Ruin (138, 153, 39)

Items as Skin, Shape and Eyelashes weren’t described on list above
to preserve the avatar´s visual identity.


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