At the first moment I was planning a second look for Easter. I tried to find nice pink clothes that could match with a new bunny I bought but I got so lazy in creating this look that I discarded the bunny and created only a cool look with pink stuff and hair. I hope you like it. Hugs.

#00030 Full Body

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So, Happy Easter !!! I wanted to make a Easter look with bunny ears and fluffy tail haha. I got it. I went to COCO to search for some boots and I’ve found also a Easter Gift that I don’t know till when it’s gonna be avaible: a Rabbit Mesh Avatar. I think you should hurry up and grab yours. I hope you like this look. Hugs!

#00029 Detail

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Today Magika has released a new hair, beautiful and cute. When I first saw the Please hair, I felt like I needed it. I think it matches pretty well to any kind of clothes. I wanted to create a very despoiled look. I am in love by Blueberry store, so I mixed a Blueberry Jacket (amazing) and a Cargo from Apple May Designs. I am in love by this look, have I already said that? Also I’m wearing these cool boots from Gos.

#00028 Full Body

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It was ages since I wanted to make pictures under a heavy rain and I was lazy to create it in Photoshop. Happily I visited the Blueberry store and for my lucky, the sim has a so heavy rain that I couldn’t resist. Actually I was searching for 2304 RAIN, but the sim was gone. So Blueberry met my needs.

#00027 Full Body

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My computer is not nice yet. It didn’t shut down, but it keeps making a terrible noise. While it doesn’t die, I’m here. Well, today I was at the gym thinking about this look. I prepared it few days ago just to enjoy SL and today I decided to shoot and blog it. I loved these pants. Since mesh invaded SL, it’s possible to see many similar creations. But I never saw any pants like these. I hope you like it.

#00026 Full Body

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On last days I’ve been playing the new Tomb Raider, praying for my computer to not shut down, as it happened a month ago and as I’ve written about on previous posts. Man, I must say that this new Tomb Raider is the most perfect and beautiful game I’ve ever played. I love Lara Croft, I really have a crush on her. I’d like to be her in Real Life and I created my first avatar based on her. She is perfect, beautiful, strong and self-confident. All I can think now is about the game and I thought, why not dressing Voradora as my hero? So here it is.

I’ve already seen many stores in SL that sells Lara Croft´s costumes, but I discovered THE FUCKIN’ perfect store for Tomb Raider lovers. ADVENTURE GEAR is the store for those who want to dress like Lara Croft with realism and perfection in details. I found the survivor outfit from the current game but you can find the costumes from all the other games. It is rigged mesh and also it comes with the shoes (boots) and weapons. Hugs and I hope you like it. <3

#00025 - Full Body

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OMG! So much time has passed since my last real post, my last look. I was so happy and excited about blogging and suddenly I had to stop everything because I had a problem with my computer. It simply didn’t turn on and I believed it was my Power Supply. I couldn’t purchase a new one so early, so I had to wait. Few days ago, I decided to try turn it on, maybe I was waiting for some kind of miracle. And it turned on! I made few tests and it did not shut down while I was using it, despite not having done tests using the full power of it. So today, taking advantage I´m at home, I decided to login in SL and make some pictures with the graphics in ULTRA. It didn’t shut down, I made the pictures and everything went perfect as if my computer had no problem.

I’m not sure how my computer will work on next days. I’m here, I guess. I hope you like my look. Hugs and I miss you all. Miss my blog, my Plurk, my Facebook, my SL ^^

#00024 - Detail

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