Off for a While

A quick post to inform that temporary I’m unable to make pictures in SL, therefore, I’m unable to blog. I believe the power supply of my computer has burnt out. Actually I’m praying to be only the power supply instead of the whole computer (motherboard, processor and my new video board). I’m writing right now from my poor notebook. I’m angry and completely mad. God, why this now?


Actually I wasn’t worried about the look. When I saw on Debora Stine’s Facebook the pictures from the Brazilian Locomotives from the 80’s I got crazy. The trains were created by her in Mesh and are avaible for sale on SL Marketplace. You really must visit her store and know all her creations :). Back to the trains, they called my attention for the realism. They’re are too real, the textures are amazing. The working models of the Locomotives were created to be used in the standard system of trains of Second Life Railroad (SLRR). The trains are avaible for visiting on Primitiv sim, and you can take pictures between them. It’s a great place and thematic for photoshootings. I must say, it’s really fucking cool.

Enjoy !! Hugs, Voradora.

#00021 Close Up

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Woot, the 20th post !! I am really happy. I am enjoying a lot this thing of blog! It was something that I always wanted to do and I just couldn’t make before. Well, in this look, I’m wearing one of my (recent known) store, Chronokit. I bought this pants before the jacket from post #00017. I felt in love as soon as I saw. Well, I hope you like the complete post. Thank you for coming. Enjoy !! Hugs, Voradora.

#00020 Detail

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The first idea was to blog the new amazing release of Maitreya Gold, the Shiki shoes. Then I should find a gorgeous dress that would fit on Voradora style. Sometimes Vora wears a street / urban style, sometimes she is a little bit more audacious. I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00018 Detail

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OMG I really like this look. Here you can find a very typical urban one. I felt in love by this jacket from Chronokit. Chronokit is a watch shop in Second Life that also sells amazing Mesh clothes. Each release is a surprise. You must check it out. I am wearing also a hair from Elikatira and in case you don’t know, Elikatira is on retirement sale till February 23. Elikapeka Tiramisu is changing the collections and will focus only on mesh. Everything will be discontinued (even the mesh hair) that is avaible now. So, the hair below won’t exist anymore :( Stay tuned for the news about the reopening of Elikatira. Also, from now on, I’ll preview some products of a new brand in Second Life: VOGA. Soon I’ll show a lot of amazing creations, but today, I can show you one of the poses that will be avaible soon. I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00017 Detail

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I must confess that I didn’t know Sassy store. The thematic of Sassy fits very well on Voradora: audacity is the word. Also I’m wearing the add-on of the moment: Lola Tangos. I bought it for another look I’ve planned, but I decided to use it in this one too. I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00016 Close Up

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OMG. I’m more than one week without blogging! My Graphic Video Card had problems so I had to change it. I couldn’t make pictures. I hope you understand :) On this post my focus is on last week´s releases: the Clumsy Hair from Magika (toooooo cute) and the amazing leather pants from Maitreya. Maitreya nowadays is revolutionizing on every new mesh release. The Maitreya Night Life collection is simply outstanding! Well I hope you like it. Hugs, Vorah.

#00015 Close Up

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